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                            20th August,2014

On behalf of the newly elected Management Committee, I would like to thank all our members for the confidence & honor they bestowed on us by giving us the opportunity to serve our Cub for one year by overwhelming votes. On 13th June, 2014 we had elections although two months late as per the club’s constitution. The next elections we hope will be conducted in April, 2015 as per the constitution.

Whether you voted for us or not, that is history. Ours is to serve all members and to that effect, we expect all and sundry to support the new MC to carry out its mandate and cultivate the club culture back.

So as to live and perform to members expectations, it behooves the MC to embrace team work and observe collective responsibility in approach to issues and decision making process.

Following the election, the MC has since held its inaugural meeting and agreed the modus operandi for running the Club affairs. We have also co-opted two members as allowed by the constitution so as to strengthen our ranks and give the MC an appropriate balance. We have also agreed our priorities going forward. To our esteemed members: WATCH THIS SPACE: we have many challenges ahead but we believe we are equal to the task.

During the AGM held on 13th June, 2014 members’ left unfinished agenda:     Ratification of the Golf Captain, confirmation of the Patron & Trustees. The new and outgoing MC resolved to ratify and confirm them through a circular notice to members with 21days allowance for any issues against the decision. We hereby do report that we received no complaints and therefore presume that they will serve in those capacities the current year. The Golfers will elect a new Golf committee in December, 2014.

Due to extremely poor management system and financial position inherited from the previous regime, the MC made a decision to engage our member Mr. Richard Andabwa as volunteer acting club manager for three month period w.e.f 1st August, 2014. During this period, he will facilitate setting up operations and supporting HR (Human resource) development before the MC hires substantive Manager pending availability of funds.

An organizational / management structure was adopted so as to enable MC function effectively, efficiently and productively for the benefit of the Club, its members and business clients. (See below)

We promise to be fully transparent and accountable in all that we do for the Club. We will avoid conflict of interest in our decision making and dealings with and for the Club. We encourage members to engage and communicate with the MC whenever they feel necessary. We will be bold and forward looking in the pursuit of our goals.  We will not be easily put down by empty talk but engage all stakeholders to deliver better services and respond to your positive needs & desires. Ours is to deliver on the good needs of the members and not to be held hostage by uncalled for side shows.

We shall listen and take on board good ideas and act on them depending on their value, their relevance, our resources and our master plan. We shall only act in the best interest of the Club.

We intend to deal with management issues and address our challenges in a planned deliberate and strategic fashion aiming to avoid unnecessary squabbles.  Hence why we agreed to start off by reviewing and updating our master plan and change / reaffirm it as necessary. I appeal to our members to give us support. I appeal to our members to give us support. We expect our esteemed members to meet all their obligations which include;

  1. Annual  subscriptions
  2. Payment  for services rendered and supplies consumed
  3.  Respect and honor for Club rules and etiquette.

The MC has adopted the following structure composed of working Sub Committees. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the MC for further information should there be any need.  Please also note that these Sub Committees and their members should ideally be your first port of call for issues based on their relevance to each docket.

Finance and Procurement Sub Committee

Key roles:


  1. Finance and Management
  2. Budget
  3. Procurement
  4. Business Systems and Processes
  5.  Audit
  6.  Statutory returns and taxation
  7.  Custodian of Club legal certificates and trade licenses
  8.   Banking and Treasury management
  9. Assets security, valuation and liquidation
  10. Membership invoicing and accounting
  11.  Club accounts and monthly balance sheet reports to MC
  12.  Quarterly reports to members
  13.  Liaison with Club Trustees


Treasurer – MR ANTONY ALLACHU – Head of Team

MC Member – MR NELLY MKOKO – Deputy Head of Team

Chairman or his Vice DR. PROTUS OKETCH or MR LOGAN BUSOLO –

Hon Secretary – Ms RACHAEL ATAMBA



Wines, Catering, Entertainment and Accommodation Sub Committee

Key Roles

  1.  Bar stocks and sales
  2.  Kitchen stocks and sales
  3.   Bar and kitchen furnishing equipment / utensils
  4.   Food Quality and Hygiene
  5.   Staff performance and outlook
  6.  Entertainment functions and events
  7.  Accommodation space sales
  8.   Accommodation maintenance and cleanliness
  9.  Bar and dining facilities; upkeep and quality assurance
  10.   Clients’ and members’ customer satisfaction
  11.   Business operations and regular / monthly reports to MC
  12.  Tracking competition and keeping ahead of our cohort
  13.  Comparative reports from other clubs
  14.  Application of control systems and processes ( note we aim to soon migrate to cash / credit free in sales)


Wines member – MR INNOCENT ONDIEKI – Head of Team

House / Entertainment member – MRS LYDIA MADETE -Deputy Head of Team




Projects, Human Resources and Communications Sub Committee

Key Roles


  1. Club House development and Renovations/Furnishing
  2. Membership development and recruitment
  3.  All Club development and maintenance issues
  4.  Golf equipment oversight liaising with Golf Captain and Golf Committee
  5.  Infrastructure and utilities including car parking
  6.  Club Security
  7.  Land, buildings and all immovable assets security
  8.  Human Resources management and staffing levels
  9.  Liaison with Labour ministry and trade unions
  10.  Communications with members, the public, other clubs and all other stakeholders
  11.  Club website maintenance and updates
  12.  Other club communication facilities including the KDN equipment
  13.  Advise on spokespersons as appropriate to the issues at hand noting Chairman is the official Club Spokesperson
  14.  All capital expenditure




Vice Chairman – MR LOGAN BUSOLO -Head of Team

Secretary – Ms RACHAEL ATAMBA -Deputy Head of Team

Golf Captain – MR JULIUS OKETCH –



New Club House Project Consultants – as necessary


NOTE: 1:   The Development SC is the focal contact with the Project Architect / Manager and will keep members fully updated on the progress of the new club house


NOTE 2: Notwithstanding the above management proposals, our MC will function as mandated by the Constitution of the Club. All MC members must therefore fulfil their roles accordingly.


NOTE 3 The Chairman is a roving member of all sub committees and may thus attend any of the meetings and participate in deliberations as may be opportune and / necessary.  All the SCs are subordinate to the MC.


Going forward, the MC has determined that the following are the key areas to focus upon immediately.

  1. Finance management and fiduciary responsibility including budgets
  2. Development  of an accounting system (software) for our business operations
  3. Streamlining of the procurement process
  4. Staff review and development
  5. Club land tenure and Security measures
  6. Communication with members including active website management
  7. Urgent repairs and modifications
  8. Membership recruitment drive
  9. Pending subscriptions and other debtors list
  10. Golf section and golf course maintenance
  11. Review and recommend accommodation rates in view of recent renovations
  12. Car parking space
  13. Golf course fencing project
  14. Augmentation of new projects and development priorities.


Thank you